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Chill Juice Company and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as “Chill Juice”, “we/us” or “our/ours”) are well aware of the importance of privacy for you and greatly respect your privacy. This Privacy Policy sets out the ways that Chill Juice collects, uses, discloses, modifies and protects any personal information you submitted to us or we obtained from you. If we ask you to provide some information in facilitation of identifying your identity when you intend to enjoy some functions or services through our websites, we will use such information in strict accordance with this Privacy Policy/or our user terms and conditions. If you do not agree to all or part of the terms and conditions hereof, you should immediately cease accessing or using the Site. Under any circumstances, we reserve the right to update or modify this Privacy Policy at any time. This Privacy Policy will take effect immediately after being updated or modified. This Privacy Policy also applies to the cases of accessing or using the Site through mobile devices, mobile applications or optimized websites, etc. We will use your personal information in strict accordance with this Privacy Policy.

1. Collect Personal Information

To access or use our websites better, we will ask you to provide necessary personal information. We will collect the information required for specific, clear and legal purposes, and will never use your personal information for other purposes than the specified ones. You have the right to determine whether to provide the information we required, but if you refuse to provide the same, you are very likely unable to enjoy our services or use our website.

We may collect the following types of information:
(1) Personal information, e.g., your name, nationality, age, gender, date of birth, marital status, contact information, interest and hobbies, email address, home address, income, etc. By logging into the Site or participating in any activities through the Site, you voluntarily agree to provide the said personal information for us. Your refusal to provide some personal information may affect the use of some services or functions of the Site;
(2) Information we may collect when you use the Site or our services, including log information concerning the use of the Site, e.g., Cookie, IP address, time of visit, type of browser, operating system, browse records, and websites you browsed before and after accessing the Site;
(3) Non-personal identity information. We may also collect other types of information that is not directly or indirectly relating to an individual, moreover, such information may not be defined as personal information according to local laws and regulations. Such type of information may include the statistics (e.g., page view, user click, browse behaviors, etc.) generated from the use of specific services. We collect the said information for the purpose of improving the products or services we provide for you. The type and quantity of information to be collected depend on the way you use our websites or services;
(4) If you access or use the Site through mobile devices or applications, the information we will collect may include the type of your devices, operating system, the country you are domiciled and geographical location, interaction with other users based on the server log information and applications, and any other information you are willing to provide.

Cookies and Other Technologies
To guarantee smooth operation of the Site, we will sometimes store some small pieces of data, known as Cookies, in your computers or mobile devices. A Cookie is a text-only file stored by a web server in a computer or mobile device. The content of a Cookie can be retrieved or read only by the server that has created it. Each Cookie is unique to the browsers or mobile applications you use. Cookie generally includes identifier, site name, and some numbers and characters. By Cookie, a website can store the data about the user’s preference or or pages you have browsed.

Like many other websites, Chill Juice uses Cookies for the purposes of improving the user experience and increasing our service quality. By Cookie, a website can remember a user’s single visit (using session Cookie) or multiple visits (using permanent Cookie). By Cookie, a website can save settings, e.g., language, font size, and other browsing preferences of a computer or mobile device, meaning that you do not have to reset your preferences at the time of each visit. Without cookies, websites would treat you like a new visitor every time you load a web page. For example, if you are redirected to another web page from a website you are already logged in to and then return to the original website, it will not recognize you and you have to log in again. Chill Juice will not use Cookie for any purposes other than those specified herein. You may manage or delete Cookie according to your own preferences. You may clear all the Cookies stored in your computer, and most web browsers have the function of preventing or deleting Cookies. If you choose to do so, then you have to change your user settings each time when you visit our websites.

2. Use Personal Information

We collect your personal information for the purposes of facilitating your access to and use of our websites, providing better services for you, and guaranteeing our compliance with the applicable laws, regulations and other legal requirements around the world, including:

(1) reviewing and verifying the identity of people who register to be a user of the website;
(2) providing you with our services and processing, maintaining, improving and developing our websites and services, timely evaluating the account security and risks, preventing the criminal activities or other security events;
(3) meeting the requirements or solving the problems about our websites or services you raised, e.g., sending the notices, etc.;
(4) preparing the anonymous statistics according to your visits or use records for internal use only or research or statistical analysis with a third party, so as to improve the content and layout of the Site;
(5) assisting relevant departments or courts in solving relevant problems.

3. Disclose Personal Information

If certain services will be provided by a cooperative partner authorized by Chill Juice, Chill Juice will share your personal information with such partner as stated herein. For example, we may share your data or personal information with a third party who provides the services for or on behalf of us, including data analysis, email sending, custody services, customer services, or marketing assistance, etc. Besides, we may share your personal information among our affiliates, but we will ensure that these affiliates will comply with this Privacy Policy. For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, affiliates include our subsidiaries, partners or other companies controlled by or under common control with us.

If you interact with other users in the course of visiting or using the Site, such other users may see your name and personal information. When you post any content and express any comment via the Site, all other users may view your posts that may be made public permanently. In addition, we may use the third-party advertising agencies o launch the advertising when you access the Site. These third-party agencies may use the information your visit the Site and other websites, and Cookies include the information of these websites, so as to post the advertising of products and services you are interested in. After obtaining your consent, we may disclose your personal information to any other persons.

To comply with applicable laws or respond to legal procedures, Chill Juice may also disclose your personal information to relevant law enforcement authority or other government departments. If Chill Juice is involved in restructuring, merger or bankruptcy proceedings in a given jurisdiction, your personal information may be disclosed to the counterparty. Also, Chill Juice may disclose your personal information, where reasonably necessary and appropriate, for instance, to perform a contract, or when we believe disclosure is necessary or appropriate to prevent physical harm or financial loss, or when it is in connection with an investigation of threatening or actual illegalities.

4. Modify Personal Information

You should ensure that all personal information you provided is correct without any error. Chill Juice is dedicated to maintaining the accuracy and completeness of your personal information, and keeping such information updated in a timely manner.

To the extent required by applicable law, you may:
(1) have the right to access certain personal information we maintain about you;
(2) request us to update or correct inaccuracies of your information;
(3) refuse or restrict us from using your personal information;
(4) ask us to delete your personal information from our database. To exercise these rights, you should promptly contact us. You may be demanded for submitting a written request for the security purpose. However, we may decline the request if we have reasonable grounds to believe that such request is a fraudulent, unfeasible or may jeopardize the privacy of others.
To the extent required by applicable law, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time when Chill Juice processes your personal information upon your consent. However, withdrawal does not affect the legitimacy and effectiveness of how we process your personal information upon your consent before the withdrawal is made; nor does it affect any information processing based on other justification than your consent.
If you think that the way we process your personal information does not comply with applicable data protection laws, you can contact the competent data protection authority.

5. Protect Personal Information

Chill Juice attaches great importance to the security and protection of personal information. We take appropriate management and technical measures to protect your personal information from being accessed, disclosed, used and modified without due authorization, as well from being damaged or lost. We will make every endeavor to protect your personal information, but it should be noted that no security measure is invulnerable.

We will retain your personal information for no longer than that is necessary for realizing the purposes stated herein, unless otherwise extending the storage period is required or permitted by law. The data storage period may vary with actual situations and services. We may determine the storage period of personal information according to actual needs, including providing products and services, maintaining corresponding business records, guaranteeing the security of systems, products and services, handling possible user queries or complaints, whether the user agrees to a longer storage period; or whether the laws and relevant contract specify special requirements for information storage, etc. We will maintain your registration information so long as your account is necessary for providing you with services. You may also choose to cancel your account, but we will top providing you with products and services under such account, and delete your relevant personal information, if no laws otherwise require, after the account is canceled.

6. Transfer Personal Information

Your personal information may be transferred according to our strategic development and applicable laws. We may transfer your personal information to the third-party service providers and other business partners in other countries or regions. These jurisdictions may take different standards to protect your personal information, which, however, does not affect our commitment to protect your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Where it is necessary to transfer your personal information to other jurisdictions that that you are domiciled, either to our affiliates or to any third-party service providers, we will strictly comply with relevant laws and regulations.

7. Protect the Minors

Because the Site and content hereof are intended for the adults only, we refuse to provide the minors with any product or service, nor use any personal information of the minors for any marketing purpose. If you think that a minor provides his/her personal information without the consent of a parent or guardian, you should contact us timely, to guarantee immediate deletion of the corresponding personal information and guarantee the minor’s exit from our product or service.

8. Update the Policy

Chill Juice reserves the right to update or change this Privacy Policy from time to time according to the business needs or technology advancement. We will promptly release the latest Privacy Policy on this page for any changes. If substantial changes are made to this Privacy Policy, we may notify you through different channels, e.g., posting a notice on our websites or sending a notice to you via email. Changes to this Privacy Policy will become effective after being updated or on the date designated in the Site. By continuing to use the Site or other services through the mobile devices, mobile applications and/or other any devices, you agree to and accept the updates hereto. To timely obtain those updates, we suggest you accessing or using the Site on a regular basis.

9. Contact Us

If you have any doubts or opinions about this Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to